The freedom Art Theatre Retreat

for Emerging Boston Artists


Stay tuned for news of our next retreat, in a brand new model, coming summer 2014!

Picture this: Emerging Boston-area playwrights, dramaturgs, and image-based artists (designers/devisers/visual artists with theatre experience) matched into creative teams together, and taken to a bucolic, peaceful, woodsy New England retreat for a week.  While there, the creative teams are tasked with brainstorming and writing/designing/devising theatrical projects that might have been impossible to conceive of as individual artists.  This is the Freedom Art Theatre Retreat.

Next retreat: to be announced.

Emerging Boston-area playwrights, dramaturgs, and designers. 

Do you consider yourself a committed participant in the theatre ecology of the greater Boston area? Do you consider yourself an emerging artist? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re eligible to apply.

There is no fee for participation in the retreat.  Housing and travel are free for accepted participants, however, the cost of food and leisure activities are not covered by Playwrights’ Commons.

• During past Retreats, food and beverage costs were under $150 per person.

• Leisure costs included a trip to Wildcat Mountain’s gondola & zip-line. We recommend budgeting approximately $50 for extracurricular excursions during the week-long retreat.

  1. To provide an innovative collaborative opportunity for emerging local theatre makers to expand their usual ways of working

  1. To demystify the processes of playwriting, dramaturgy, design, and devising to theatre makers of the other disciplines

  1. To provide a venue of safety for the exploration of outside-the-box creative processes

  1. To strengthen the local theatre ecology

  1. To make art in the woods

2011 Freedom Art Retreat

  1. 2012 Freedom Art Retreat

  1. 2013 Freedom Art Retreat


go ahead and Spend a week in the woods making art, why don’t you?

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